Second Prototype on the Way


The Microlino project is moving forward fast. To team up with Tazzari was a very important decision to get the project to the next level. They are working on the homologation for the Microlino, which takes a lot time. The regulations force us to make minor design changes, mainly with the location of the lights but don`t worry the Microlino won`t lose its unique look.

Another break-trough was the start of the first “made by Tazzari “ Prototype. With this version we will be testing the dynamics and components for the series production. Right now the Tazzari Team is also installing a prototyping area with seven extra workspaces for the constantly growing engineering team.

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Secret Star at Geneva Car Show


Under great time pressure we managed to repair our first prototype before our world premiere at the Geneva International Car Show. One day before the show setup our project manager and his girlfriend even managed to renew the whole interior of the car as it was also damaged by the accident. So for us it was a great relief to know that we made it in time and to finally introduce the world our trendy car concept. Continue reading…

Exhibition in Nürnberg


After all the complications with the first prototype, it was a relief to finally present our Microlino at the Nürnberg fair from 27.01 – 01.02. Continue reading…

Shit Happens!


Shit happens! Unfortunately the transportation box with the Microlino inside fell of the forklift during transport at the cargo airport in Zurich. They probably thought it is a Dropbox!

As you can see on the picture, the upper body frame is smashed and bent. Because most of the parts are handmade, the repair works are very expensive and time consuming. Continue reading…

Microlino Vision

Explore the Vision of Microlino in the new Micro catalog 2016.

Microlino Vision-Katalog-2016-EN

Microlino Vision-Catalog-2016-DE


Prototype Test Drive

Test drive session with our first Microlino. Only a few days left until it`s finished!

Microlino at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016


For those of you who haven`t heard of the CES. It is the number one exhibition for new tech gadgets and innovations. Every year the world`s top tech brands are presenting their newest creations and give the visitors a hint on how the future will look like in a couple of years.

This year it was our turn to impress the world. Continue reading…