This is not a car! This is the future of urban mobility. Space-saving, electric drive and designed through function and purpose. Everything is made to fit your needs and maximise the usage in urban transportation. This little bug is created to be driven in the world`s metropolises.  Showing off with big cars was yesterday. Today, a space-saving, stylish and electric car is the new eye catcher!


electric drive

  • Fast Acceleration: Faster than many sports cars on the first 20m
  • Environmentally friendly: zero emission for a cleaner future
  • Silent and pure: No noise pollution and disgusting fumes
  • Easy to drive, no gear shifting

unique concept

  • Swiss Design: Stands for creativity and innovation
  • First good-looking electric light vehicle: No uncool three-wheeler and sitting behind each other.
  • Eyecatcher: You get more looks than in any sports car
  • Womanizer: Ladies love the little city bug
  • Simplicity in design: Designed through function and purpose

size matters

  • Space-saving: three Microlinos fit in one parking space
  • Swift and fun to drive: Sitting next to each other is much cooler than behind each other
  • Ideal city vehicle: Slightly bigger than a motorcycle but weather protected and safer
  • Small from the outside, spacious in the inside

charge everywhere

  • Integrated 10m cable drum: Can be charged from every normal socket
  • No high-voltage charging stations needed
  • Easy to charge: There are more power sockets than petrol stations