The visionary and pioneer Wim Ouboter invented the Micro Scooter and Kickboard and turned it into a Lifestyle Product, which is now distributed in more than 80 countries. His idea revolutionized the concept of urban mobility and the thinking of transportation in cities.

Now he has taken his vision of urban mobility a step further. In collaboration with the Swiss university ZHAW a concept of an electric vehicle was developed. An environmentally friendly vehicle that is small and swift so you will always find a parking spot in the city without going crazy. Microlino, the car to change the way of urban mobility, was born.




Iso Rivolta


The Isetta was a microcar manufactured by Iso Rivolta in Bresso italy. With its unique front entry and cute looking the car also known as „bubble car“, became more and more loved all around the world. With over 217`000 sold cars the production stopped in 1962. Now 54 years later we revived this old but still genius car concept.

First Design Sketches


In the beginning of the year 2015 the first design ideas of the Microlino have been developed. It was clear that the design had to be independent and not a poor imitation of the old Isetta. New design, todays technologies and groundbreaking innovations. We wanted to be a reminder of history and not only  a reanimation!

From Old to New


In collaboration with the university ZHAW and Designwerk we created several studies on what we needed to adjust, to transform this old concept into a car for the future. For testing purposes we electrified an old Isetta to analyze our results and get the feeling of such a small car. Through all the  positive reactions and excitement from people on the street, we knew that this project has to go to the next phase.



In the end of 2015 we decided to produce our first Microlino prototype. Together with the chinese car manufacturer Kandi Technologies, we determined the best possible realisation of the first prototype, which will be presented at the Geneva motor show in 2016.